Brenda Elizabeth Novack is a scholar, author, psychic medium, spirit worker, certified holistic health practitioner, and mystic. With thirteen years of post-secondary education yielding four university degrees (PhD, MA, MTS, and BA) as well as two college diplomas (CHHP, and Office Administrator) and several academic awards, Brenda has acquired a diverse array of knowledge, skills, and experience. During her university years, she alternated completing two degrees each in philosophy and theology, undertaking additional training and volunteer work in the areas of palliative care and bereavement counselling. Having earned her PhD in theology at Trinity College Dublin where she conducted a comprehensive and ground-breaking interdisciplinary study spanning the fields of history, ethics, politics, philosophy, and practical, mystical theology, Brenda went on to publish her first book entitled, A Double-Edged Sword: Jehanne d'Arc and Claims to Divine Sanction in Acts of War (2014). The work forms an in-depth study of Jehanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc), Nazi resister Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Adolf Hitler in the context of claims to divinely sanctioned violence, and warfare in particular. Her second book, born of her experience backpacking across northern Spain the following year on the medieval pilgrimage route known as the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, is an engaging, interactive, photographic, and philosophical work called, The Camino: A Walking Meditation; Images and Reflections (2017). Brenda has taught at Nipissing University as well as the Canadian Department of National Defence, and she has conducted seminars at Windsong School of Healing Ltd.

 Throughout her years immersed in academia, Brenda also attended to her spiritual and esoteric interests, inclinations, and development. Life had formed her not only into a sharp intellectual and creative thinker, but also into a mystic as transformative mystical experiences were visited upon her whose validity and significance she could not—nor did she wish to—deny. Highly sensitive since childhood, Brenda had sharp intuitive and empathic abilities from a young age, so it was perfectly natural and comfortable to her when, later in life, she began spontaneously feeling energetic sensations and receiving psychic and spiritual information. Taking a hiatus from academia, she pursued a course of training in holistic health practices containing a strong component in energy work, which broadened and enhanced the practical application of her spiritual gifts, but it was not until the death of a friend several years later that her mediumship abilities were blown open. Following this, she began attending psychic and mediumship development classes with a United Kingdom branch of the International Spiritualist Church where she also trained with leading instructors from establishments such as the renowned Arthur Findlay College. Brenda subsequently co-founded Nine Lives Studio, which offers a broad and expanding range of spiritual services including psychic mediumship readings, assistance in locating lost animals, articles, and people, past life readings, tea leaf readings, card readings, and spiritual direction.

   She is an avid traveler who loves the ocean, animals, drawing, reading, music, good laughter and friends.